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2D Animation

Our goal has been to create and nurture a community of talented animation artists. Using the fundamentals of traditional animation and the availability of new advances in technology, Universal has melded classical techniques and high tech computer power to create a wide choice in visual styles and imagery.


Children's Father - Brahma Baba (Animation Film)



3D Animation

Our 3D animation services are helpful to visualize products, architectural structures, brands and many more. Universal Advertising has an ability to simulate any physical object or atmosphere. Our experienced animators will turn your vision into a dynamic moving image.


Why are 3D graphics important to our production process?

We use 2D & 3D animation when the visual messages you want to convey are not possible to film. This may be due to dangerous locations, getting a camera into confined places or simply visualizing in 3D animation when it is cost prohibitive.


3D animation & graphics will put your product before your customer's eyes letting them see how it works even before a prototype model is built. Our facilities include 3D Studio Max and Maya for 3D model creation, Combustion and After FX for compositing and rotoscoping, Elastic Reality morphing and Liquid Chrome HD for editing and polishing of animated 2D and 3D material.


Whenever a company needs to create a broadcast, marketing, or advertising piece they look out for Universal Advertising


Whether it's creating an animated character, 3-D virtual prototypes to pre-sell items before they are manufactured, or integrating computer animations into your training materials to speed comprehension, we can help you communicate more effectively. We work directly with clients and as a resource for advertising and video production companies. But deciding how this technology can help you may be hard to visualize.





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