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Advertising Agency in Thane

UNIVERSAL ADVERTISING is part and parcel of GALAGALI MULTIMEDIA PVT. LTD. COMPANY.  It deals with mainly the web advertising projects of the company. Universal Advertising a dynamic interactive technologies company focusing exclusively on 3D Modeling & Animation, Website / Portal Development & Corporate Presentations.  At Universal Advertising we explore each and every area that has potential for promoting growth.  Our team of IT professionals is trained to work hard, to be creative and innovative in each and every project carried on at Universal Advertising.  We work with you to create competitive solutions. Today nearly seventy percent of our business activity is focused on Internet/Intranet-based, E-commerce solutions & Multimedia services.



The Proprietor of the company is a visionary.  He works hard for the development and growth of his client and has the ability to feel the beat of the market.  His approach is of development and believes in success of his clients business and his own.  Working with Universal leads to all profits situation.



We are a company that has come into being since 15 years.  From the date of our inception we are working towards specializing in digital world and multimedia solutions development for various corporate companies in India. The success of our company is projected along with the development of IT Industry as every day we embrace technological advancements and look for unique ways to integrate this knowledge to provide utmost satisfaction and success of our customer. We believe that to create an impact in the digital world, it is essential for you to carry forward the image or create a persona of your company whether it is on the Internet or on CD-ROM.



We conduct our business exactly as what an advertising company should be that is to take the business of clients to new heights of success. This has been possible for us as we are a company with technological expertise.  We work hard and try to achieve best available resources for success of our clients.
We provide professional web design solutions including the following:
Keyword research
Web Design & page layout
User & password systems
Web Hosting
Web Marketing
Web Development
Animated images & banner creation
Logo design
Web site renovation
Discount domain registration
Content Management.
Content development


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